Welcome to your online home for the Lean Systems Society (LSS): The worldwide community of Lean Systems thinkers! The Society is a non-profit organization focused on improving the world by improving its systems. That’s a huge goal…it can only be accomplished by combining the best work of the world’s leading systems thinkers. Many of these thinkers are now Fellows of the LSS. Others are developing the skills they need to make an impact in their workplace, and may one day become Fellows. We make introductions for all who value this kind of creative conversation. Then we facilitate their collaboration and experimentation. Finally, we help them disseminate their findings. Join with us in our mission to improve the world by improving its systems!

Welcome, new Fellow Steve Tendon!

The LSS Fellowship is honored to be joined by Lean pioneer Steve Tendon. Steve has focused on improving flow of all kinds in organizations. His recent work is documented in his book “Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance: The TameFlow Aproach and … Continue reading

Who can be LSS Fellows?

Sometimes people ask “who can be a Fellow of the LSS?” Rich Turner, Treasurer of the LSS, has said it best; so I quote him here: “Since the creation of the LSS, it has been the general philosophy of the … Continue reading

The Great Transformation: A Turning Point

Increasingly, world leaders are recognizing that the world’s management systems must either be transformed or will fail in their stated purposes. With the high value that the Lean Systems Society places on system transformation, this is great news. The breakthrough … Continue reading

Announcing the “LSS Website 2.0 Project”!

We are proud to announce the launch of the “LSS Website 2.0″ project! This is our first community-wide initiative to increase LSS mission effectiveness. As you know, the LSS is all about connecting people from different systems approaches and who share the foundational … Continue reading