Announcing the “LSS Website 2.0 Project”!

We are proud to announce the launch of the “LSS Website 2.0″ project! This is our first community-wide initiative to increase LSS mission effectiveness.

As you know, the LSS is all about connecting people from different systems approaches and who share the foundational values of the Lean paradigm (people-first, value-driven), to improve the management, development and performance of systems for the benefit of people.

In my recent blog post I mentioned that our conferences and meetings are working well. Our biggest need now is to increase our connectedness and execution ability between events.

Many of you have asked me “What can we do to help?” One of the best ways to connect people, after physical get-togethers, is through online functionality. Until now, the LSS website has provided little support for this: Just blog posts and comments. A new website is the most-pressing need we have to enable our mission of connecting people.

We plan to add mechanisms to the LSS website to enable lively community connection. Several options are under evaluation for doing so, from forums to wikis to whiteboards and others. Please comment below if you have strong views and especially experience with any and all such mechanisms.

The new LSS Website will also update the look and feel of the website to befit the quality of the community and the importance of the LSS mission. This will help the LSS connect with other leaders, organizations and the media. To work effectively with those we are approaching now, and those we intend to approach soon, will require the highest levels of professional presentation. This project will provide that.

The LSS Website 2.0 project is something of a cross between crowd-sourcing and sponsorship. We will start work once we have enough for the developers first draw (to be determined), but certainly by the time we reach $5000, the amount we expect to need for the “rev 1″ release. Commitments beyond this level will allow us to add additional functionality for features like archival and content distribution.

The website sponsorship levels are:

– Platinum $2500 (one opportunity)
– Gold $1000 (three opportunities)
– Silver $500 (six opportunities)
– Bronze $100 (no limit on opportunities)

Names at the top three levels will be posted on the front page. Your name there will be a clickable link to a page about you, with a bio, links to your business website, blog, or other site, and so forth. Bronze will have a link to a separate page that names every person who contributes at that level. It won’t include a link to a website we put together about you, but if you like it can be a link to your own website.

To support the new website development, email me, James Sutton, at stating your intended level of contribution and whether you’d rather send a check or a wire. I’ll get you the info you need to do so. If you will also post that you did so, as a comment below, it will help to inspire others!

The new website, complemented by cross-fertilizing domain and system thinking/solutions by your participation in Reactor14, are our major efforts for the next few months. To help with the latter, we’ve kept Reactor inexpensive while expanding it’s length to 3 days.

Thanks for your support for the LSS community, and our shared mission to improve the world by improving its systems.



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  1. Julia, thanks again for your suggestion. I investigated Kickstarter, and for a variety of reasons for now we are going to keep it “in the house.” We may yet use Kickstarter in the future, though, for projects a little closer to their description of their optimal profile. You “kicked” me up into learning what that is!

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