Lean Systems Society Announces New Leadership

The Lean Systems Society (LSS) has named 3 new non-voting members to the Managerial Board and created the Fellows’ Community Council. Jim Benson, Alan Shalloway, and Jean Tabaka have been selected as non-voting Managerial Board members of the LSS. Voting … Continue reading

Recognising Lean Agile Scotland

The Lean Systems Society is recognising Lean Agile Scotland as one of the conferences which are aligned with its Credo. Like all the other recognised events which the Society supports, it will be a great opportunity for learning and interaction … Continue reading

LSS Publishes Fellows’ Badge

The Fellows of the Lean Systems Society are among the leading Lean and systems thinkers in the world. Now the LSS has published a badge that recognizes their accomplishments and capabilities. LSS Fellows may use the badge on their web … Continue reading

LSS Evolves Its Leadership Structure

The purposes of the LSS have expanded well beyond those of the LeanSSC, so the LSS leadership structure is evolving to support the larger vision. The structure now includes two complementary leadership groups: An organizational-management Board, and a Community Council. … Continue reading

New Recognised Events

The Lean Systems Society is recognising another three  which are aligned with its  They are: These are events which we support as great opportunities for learning and interaction within the community and highly recommend attending. Les modèles se sentent couleur … Continue reading