Rwanda. Systems Thinking. And the LSS Board refresh

Rwanda. The most genocidal nation, per capita, of the Twentieth Century. Now the biggest healthcare success of the Twenty-first.
A couple of systems-thinking leaders in Rwanda solved the thorny informational, cultural, and economic challenges of one of the biggest needs in any country: health. How did they do it? Imagine how many people’s lives would change if there is something about their systems-solution that could be scaled up for any country…even a first-world one like yours or mine. But to do that, your and my countries’ system thinkers in all these areas probably need to hear from Rwanda’s.
The LSS has set out to do what no other organization is even attempting to do:  bring together people and organizations from different streams of systems thought for breakthroughs in humanity’s biggest and hardest systems problems. The kind our world is filled with. The kinds that both Rwanda and our countries face. That is the promise of the LSS.
In a recent post here I said that the LSS Board believes it is time to change its makeup to better move our mission forward. We need your help to do it. We need you to nominate new board members who will help us move into the next phase of the LSS. That can include yourself, if you have the needed background.
While the current board is strong in start-up skills and energy, and also has some members  who are strong in next-phase skills, all of us agree it is time to refresh the board. We particularly need greater participation in these skills:
- Executive-level experience
- Board-experience in other organizations
- Non-profit experience
- Great network (know people who can help us with introductions, funding, advice, etc.)
- Financial and/or legal background
- Organizational operations experience
Not every new board member will need to have all of these. And not all candidates need to come from among the Fellows. All must, however, share our vision and values.
Board members will not do most of the work of the LSS. That is the job of the Fellowship, the community, and our friends outside our organizational borders. Board members will connect the people who do all this, both workers (e.g., those who create meet-ups, or build the website), and movers and shakers in industry, government and academia. 
Please submit your nominations to I will pass them to the board for evaluation and action.
In shared service to a worthwhile cause,

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