People Love Website 2.0 Project

If you’d like to be an active part of making the world’s systems better, and in the bargain get your name up on the front page of the LSS website to be seen by other world-leading Lean and Systems professionals and organizations, read on.

Our home page now lists on the right side the sponsors for our Website 2.0 project. People have already given at several contribution levels, and we’ve only just started the project.

Once developed, the new website will support year-round Reactor 365 engagement across our community. This is the beginning of fulfilling the larger aspect of the LSS mission. Click on the supporters’ links to learn more about these great people!

To get your name displayed along with theirs, email me at to become a supporter of the Website 2.0 project. Include your desired level of contribution. I’ll send you info on where to send the contribution, and we’ll get the ball rolling to get you up on page 1.

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