Who can be LSS Fellows?

Sometimes people ask “who can be a Fellow of the LSS?”

Rich Turner, Treasurer of the LSS, has said it best; so I quote him here:

“Since the creation of the LSS, it has been the general philosophy of the board that the Fellowship (LSS Fellows) should represent a broad range of people, domains, and contributions.

“The Fellowship is a living, working body where each Fellow brings a particular kind of support to the tasks at hand. Some bring experience over many years, broad vision and the weight of their reputations. Others bring new ideas, out of the box application of existing principles, creative energy and thought leadership. Still others bring strong current experience and status within the workplace as innovators, leaders, champions, coaches, teachers, and authors. All of these skills are needed to achieve the impact the LSS desires.

“The Fellowship needs to be expansive across many domains to provide the most opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning and intra-disciplinary discovery. We have grown out of the software industry into systems, cognition, complexity and enterprise management. We want to grow outward into aerospace, medicine, social systems, and government.

“We want people who can collaborate without passivity, enjoy debate and discovery, recognize value in others’ achievements, and understand the real meaning of a diversity of ideas. Believers in a particular method or approach to the exclusion of others are not likely to be positive participants as Fellows.

“Finally, we are looking for people with passion, energy, willingness to build the community, and high integrity in their dealings with peers and co-workers, the LSS and its community, and the society at large.”

Moving forward, we will be considering active participation more heavily towards adding new Fellows, than we have in the past. The Fellowship has the talents, vision and practicality to make things better for people everywhere. That said, only those who are actively involved with each other will actually change the world for the better. And that is the charter of the LSS.

If you are interested in being considered towards Fellowship and you are active in Lean and Systems domains, our first recommendation is to become actively involved in raising the water level of Systems Thinking for everyone. Certainly there are opportunities for that within the LSS: Start the ball rolling on a local meetup or other event. Participate in the annual LSS conference. Set up other communication mechanisms (ala’ the Limited WIP Society) to further the conversations. Contact the board to discuss other ideas. Contribute your time and energy towards the website update project. Help the community of Lean and Systems Thinking make a bigger impact on the world.

Let’s help things move forwards, faster. Those who make the biggest impact on our field are the ones we are looking for to expand the Fellowship.



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