quality relationships

How to build quality relationships

No matter how old, we will be learning until we die and that is a fact. We have a primary education in at school, and many of us continue to college and university to get a bachelors or doctorate. But there are some things in life that you just cannot learn at any educational institution and they include things like making friends, making girlfriends, boyfriends or for men the big issue which even you may be thinking of which is “I need a girlfriend”  so how do I make one fall for me? You will have to learn these things by yourself, but luckily you can find a few good pointers if you continue reading.

Get to know the person

If you want to get close to someone, you must make an effort to learn  quality relationshipsthe person’s character. What they like and dislike and also how they spend their time. For example, some girls like to go to the movies or have a romantic dinner while others prefer to stay at home and do some hobby. You should also try to find out a little bit about their family and how they grew up so that you will not do anything to offend their morals.

Make simple gestures

Some men think that impressing a girl by buying expensive gifts will open the door and turn them on, however, this may not be the case for all women. Many girls like simple things like flowers, opening the door for them and holding hands. Do not over do it as thing may create an impression that you are trying to boast and will ultimately work against you.

Be honest

 quality relationshipsWhen it comes to any relationship, nothing beats being honest. Remember that you want a woman to want you and get turned on by the real you. Keeping up a false character can be stressful, and when the real “You” comes out, it can cause problems. Be honest, do not try to look rich if you are not and if the person likes you the way you are, then you have won the battle, and a simple touch or kiss will turn them on and attract them to you.


A man and a woman in a relationship will require trust if they are to get to the next level. Holding hands will be the first, but if your sole goal is to get into bed, then you will lose the lady. Let her guide you, and soon you will see that she will invite you to her place and everything will flow naturally.…