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Reasons Why Babies Fart a lot

Passing gas in most cases lead to a few giggles, but it should be taken seriously if it is coming from a baby. Well, some babies fart so loud, you are left wondering, how could that come from such a baby? It is surprising but important. The passing of gas tells a lot about one’s internal health. Especially the digestive part. It is not the only formula fed babies who fart a lot but breastfeed ones as well. Thankfully, the reasons are not a cause for alarm in most cases. Below are some of the reasons why babies fart a lot. Read on and clear any worry or doubts you had about your farting little angel.

Why babies fart

A reaction to mommy’s diet

You may have sometimes heard that certain foods in the mother’s diet lead to gassiness. Well, this information is not yet proven by medics. There is a huge list of gas producing foods. If the new mom eliminates everything in the list, their diet will be overly restricted.

The baby is reacting to something in their diet

If the baby eats solid food along breastfeeding, there is a possibility that there is something in their food causing gassiness. As we all know there are the obvious gassy foods like Brussel sprouts and beans. Some fruits and barn cause gassiness too.

Oversupply of breast milk

breastfeedingIf the mum is producing too much milk, it comes down very fast. It is referred to as forceful letdown. This results in the baby gulping a lot of it and air at the same time. The air will be passed out later as gas.

Poor latching

If a baby is not latched properly, they take in a lot of air during suckling. A leading cause of poor latching is babies with a tongue tie. The excess air taken in results to gas.

Not responding to cues immediately

If you do not respond to baby hunger cues ASAP, they will start crying. Did you know that babies swallow a lot of air when crying? It is therefore advisable that mums respond to feeding cues immediately.

Fast bottle feeds

bottle feedingBottle feeding has been recorded to be a cause of gas in infants. If you feed the baby through the bottle, it means that milk is coming out faster and in the process, the baby takes in a lot of air. Try different positions to reduce milk flow. Some bottle brands are slower as well, try them.